LOVE MERCY 2009 – Wesleyan Youth Convention

12.27.2009 — 1 Comment

Hey Wesleyan Tweeps – consider adding the LOVE MERCY logo as your Twitter/Facebook picture for this week – use it as a way of reminding people to pray for what’s taking place in our four locations from December 28-31st. Pray for God to move mightily in the hearts and lives of students across our nation!

If you change your Twitter/Facebook image, post a link to your profile in the comments! If you’re planning on blogging from your LOVE MERCY location, let us know that, too, in the comments!

More on the convention and its four locations can be found here.

Those of you on Twitter can keep up with the ‘what’s up’ by keeping an eye on the trending topic ‘#lovemercy’ on Twitter. Link to the search results is here.

It will be fun to see what people are saying about the convention and attempting to guess which city their talking about – Baltimore, Charlotte, Louisville, or Denver.

For the record, I will be at LoveMercy in Baltimore.

UPDATE: Just re-compiled a listing of each convention since 1968 here.