Christmas Party Ideas

12.17.2009 — 1 Comment

Untitled-1Last night was our youth group’s annual Christmas Party. We had a great time of fellowship, food, and a unique gift-exchange that I’ve held as a tradition for almost 10-years with three youth ministries! As I went to sleep last night I was thinking of all the ways I could have made the event different and/or better. I started scribbling down some of the ideas that I had heard others do for their (youth and non-youth related) Christmas parties and thought it would be a good blog post to share with the world!


  • Ugliest Christmas Sweater – everyone wears the most horrific Christmas sweater they have and a prize is given to the one with the best (worst?). (there’s a website out there selling only ugly Christmas sweaters for parties just like this!)
  • Christmas Mugs – everyone is encouraged to bring their most over-the-top Christmas mug to the party and use that mug as their beverage vessel for the evening.
  • Christmas Morning – attendees are invited to attend the party dressed in their “Christmas Pajamas” and bring along a box of cereal as the snack for the party. (saw this idea done by @babymase)
  • It’s your turn now! What Christmas party ideas have you heard and/or tried yourself? Comment below!

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