One BILLION Minutes

12.10.2009 — Leave a comment

youversion-mobile-billionWow. YouVersion, the popular online Bible version that I use daily has just achieved an incredible milestone. Over 1 Billion minutes of mobile Bible browsing has happened since YouVersion launched its numerous mobile applications for today’s popular phones (still none for the Palm Pre, but works for now)

1 Billion Minutes… That’s 19-centuries, 16.7 million hours of people reading the Bible on their mobile device like an iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, etc.

And it hasn’t cost those reading the Word even a single penny., the church behind the YouVersion programming and brand continues to blow-my-mind with their generosity in giving back again and again to not just their local community and local church but to the Church (big “C”) and WHOLE world with their innovative and resourceful selves.