BOOK REVIEW: “Eden” by Andy Merritt

12.7.2009 — 2 Comments

I posted these exact words on my review of the book “Eden” by my friend, Andy Merritt
cover-medWhen I received “Eden” in the mail, I quickly decided that I would begin reading it immediately. By the end of the first night I had quickly read through the first 30-chapters. I didn’t want to stop there, either.

I finished the book by the second evening. When a piece of fiction grabs my attention (I’m fairly certain that I have adult-onset ADD) like this I am more than willing to tell others just how great a work it is.

I went to college with Andy. I had no idea that he had a desire to author books, especially novels like “Eden”. Andy writes with an honesty and true-to-life way that keeps the reader engaged and thinking, “Yah, that could really happen.”

The book revolves around the idea that the Garden of Eden from the Genesis account still exists under the frozen Siberian landscape. The story captivated my creationism brain-sectors in a way that I didn’t expect.

“Eden” reads like a movie. No question, I was literally working through the ‘how’ of getting each chapter on-screen for Andy even though he hadn’t asked me to. In my mind I was wondering what kind of a budget it would take to recreate the scenes I was reading into an on-screen format. I was thinking through popular actors as I got to know each character.

I truly hope Andy writes more in the future – I would love to add Andy Merritt to my VERY SHORT list of Christian fiction authors that I read.

Interested in the book? Check out the website.

  • Jason

    wow, just read the entire sample! Good stuff!

  • Jason

    OK, couldn’t stop thinking about it. I just ordered it. And I am NOT much of a book reader!