Christmas Tree Time-lapse 2009

11.16.2009 — 4 Comments

We put up our Christmas Tree today. Why? Because we could. This time of year is EXTREMELY busy for the pastoral-family, so we took advantage of my day off and got our Christmas-decorating on!

We jammed to a Pandora Christmas channel and even had our traditional breakfast of freshly baked orange rolls!

Enjoy our time-lapse video (becoming a tradition in our family).

When you’ve watched this year’s video, be sure and re-watch some of our previous ones – 2008, 2006.

It’s fun to watch the clock on the wall during the video to see just how much time elapses while we’re decorating. We also have a family-tradition of praying after we’ve completed the tree together, asking God to bless the Season and to remind us to keep Him first through the hectic times we’re sure to face in the coming weeks. We’re also reminded at how blessed we are as a family as we put the ornaments on the tree and remember the stories behind the ornaments each year!

Ella had a blast helping this year. Every time she put an ornament on the tree it went in the same 1-foot by 1-foot section. We’re leaving them there!

  • Derek

    Hey Sheets Family,

    Funny we did the same yesterday evening, Knowing that this time really is busy for Pastor’s and we are getting ready to go see some family in Michigan, we thought we would put up our tree! I love the fact that you all pray after it’s all put up, this is something that We will start with our family too!! Love you all

  • JB3

    We have not even had Turkey day yet? oh well love you sheets fam.

  • Chopper

    The Tree is Fantastic – you guys did a fine Job – I have to say it was very nice seeing the whole Family – You guys are looking Great !!! We miss you guys!!!

  • Momma/Gramma Sheets

    I LOVE IT!!! seeing Ella helping so excitedly (looks as if she is literally hopping around) as she adds her ‘ormanents’ is so entertaining to her grandparents! Thanks for the time lapse video, it is special! You all are special!! Thanks for keeping this a sacred event!