FAMILY UPDATE: Lincoln Miller

9.24.2009 — 3 Comments

My cousin Lincoln Miller (@lincmiller) was willing to help me test out the services of today and we did a quick “Family Update” interview for your viewing pleasure! Check out what Lincoln is up to to these days and if you’re a member of my family, let me know when YOU want to do a family-update interview!!

  • Allison Davis

    didn’t he marry lindsay ott? i know her!

  • Mom Garrett/ Grandma LeeAnn

    That is so awesome that you can do that for all to enjoy.

    Papaw Scott and I will do whatever it takes to see you all on video, even if that means I will need to comb my hair and put on lipstick and be interviewed and the same time! (he he)

  • Lincoln

    Yes I did marry Lindsey Ott. Stevan, I’m waiting to see who is next on the family update list.