Ella’s Perspective

9.16.2009 — 1 Comment

Just launched a new site for Ella’s photos she’s been taking with her new Fisher Price camera!

Check it out – http://ellasheets.tumblr.com/

  • Mom Garrett/ Grandma LeeAnn

    Those pictures were incredible! I love her perspective. The one she took of Ezra sitting up was really good. I saved it to my picture favorites. (and by the way,we need to see some more recent pictures of Ezra-haven’t seen any in awhile- I couldn’t believe how old he looked in the pic that Ella took)

    Stevan, can you tell me how to sign up to see Ella’s new tumbler.com site? I tried, but it kept saying my URL was wrong. Any advice?

    Love you all four,
    Mom/Grandma Garrett