Ezra’s Hospital Photos

5.31.2009 — 5 Comments

This morning the hospital photographer came in and took some great shots of our son and then tried to sell us a $1,000,000 photo collage of her great shots. We agreed to spend only $30 on a smaller package instead. We were also given access to a “secure” website where previews of the four pictures were located. The “secure” part means they are not able to be saved off the website.

Well, we got around that. :)

  • http://www.sherilynsheets.com sher

    remember when you got rid of all ur music b/c it was pirated illegally?

  • Wendy

    Um, no you didn’t. At least not on my computer.

  • http://www.derekandchristincarpenter.blogspot.com derek

    Looks like they got you because they are not on my computer either

  • Gramma Sally Sheets

    Well, I KNEW I had seen them yesterday, and sure enough, here they are (for me again), so I wonder WHY they aren’t on some others ‘puters?

    Yes, Sher, I find your statement (the conscience working WELL in the past) interesting (today) too!

    But my favorite is pictures are 1 & 3…
    1 – finger in the corner of the mouth as if to say, “See no chew in this player’s mouth” and 3 – closed hand holding the chin with what looks like a ‘tude pose!!

  • Mom/Grandma (LeeAnn) Garrett

    I love these pictures of Ezra!