More Ezra Videos

5.29.2009 — 3 Comments

Mommy and Ezra tonight – after 24-hours of not being together!

Another clip of Mommy and Ezra yesterday:

  • Mom/Grandma (LeeAnn) Garrett

    I agree with you Stevan. Jessica is the perfect mommy. Ezra is so precious. What a blessing for Ezra to have two perfect parents!!!!!!

    Love you all FOUR very much,

    Mom G.

  • Grandma

    All of this is so very special…..what an amazing thing is technology! Since we can’t be with you in the flesh, this is the next best! Our prayers are constant and fervent!

  • Stevan

    Thank you Grandma Sheets for your “constant and fervent” prayers! I’m so excited that we get to use this technology, too!