Pop Rocks

5.20.2009 — 2 Comments

A few Fridays ago I did the unthinkable. Jess was invited to sing at a women’s banquet at church and Ella and I were given some time for a Daddy/Daughter date.

The unthinkable was that I decided to risk my sanity and take my daughter to Chuck E Cheeses for our date!

It was quite an adventure and if you watched my Twitter feeds from the night, you know that I narrowly escaped a few breakdowns and eventually made it home safe and sound having had a wonderful time with my girl!

After spending most of the evening in the play-area, Ella eventually wandered into the video-game area and played a few ticket-producing games resulting in about 80-some tickets to prove our skill at the ridiculous games we played.

We presented our tickets at the counter and Ella’s choice to get a plastic beetle-bug and a packet of Pop Rocks were not-so-quickly made.

We returned to the truck, Pop-Rocks and beetle in hand and after getting belted back in, I presented Ella with her first-ever mouth full of Pop-Rocks. Those moments I also managed to capture for you, the viewing public:

  • Gramma Sally Sheets


    Thank you for sharing Ella’s first experience with “Pop Rocks” candy! SO precious…and those EYES of hers…SO AWESOME and dear!!


  • Mom Garrett/ Mamaw LeeAnn

    Awesome to watch Ella enjoy this first time experience! She is so expressive. I love it and her! She is benefiting from a daddy who is creative and adventurous! I grabbed this video to share on my facebook page.