Jack’s Mountain & snakes

5.15.2009 — 2 Comments

Today was our second day-away here at my parent’s house in Middleburg, PA. Dad asked me to help get the yard mowed this afternoon and I’ve never been one to turn down opportunities to ride lawnmowers (glorified gokarts) around for a few hours, so we did.

As I was coming into the backyard from the front, I was once-again caught off guard at the beauty and glory of Jack’s Mountain that their church and home are nestled in front of. It was breathtaking today.

When’s the last time YOU paused to realize all that God has created around you? Do it soon!

I also severely injured a snake with a big rock today. I feel good about that since Satan appeared as one in the Bible. Almost a spiritual act – attempting to rid the property of snakes!

  • Entrot

    You pause to marvel at God’s creation of the mountain, but find joy in destroying another…interesting.

  • Barack Obama

    did somebody say. . . “snake”?