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Have you heard about Dropbox?

Dropbox is an incredible, FREE, online service that you install on your PC or MAC to allow storage and synchronization of files!

Initially, Dropbox offers 2gb of storage for FREE! (You can upgrade to 5gb for free by referring others to install Dropbox on their computers, too)

Dropbox also offers two other paid-accounts: PRO (features 50gb storage) for $9.99/month or $99/year and PREMIUM (features 100gb storage) for $19.99/month or $199/year.

I use Dropbox every week to synch-up files from my laptop computer to computers in my youth room, our sancutary’s AV computer, and even our home computer! Saving files inside my “Dropbox” folder instantly places it at one (or more) of these locations. I’ve also used Dropbox to share some of my favorite YouTube clips with other youth pastors from across the country! Anytime one of us finds a good clip, we can download it and save it to our Dropbox folder that we’ve shared and it shows up on all of our computers automagically!

So, take my advice and check out Dropbox today!

Scared about your files’ safety? Your files are always safe. All data is transferred over SSL and encrypted with AES-256 before storage!

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