Go and Be the Church

5.7.2009 — 3 Comments

Last week, the First Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas did something quite unusual.

Last week they didn’t have church. Last week they decided to go and be the church.

Pastor Jeff Warren encouraged congregants to NOT come to church on May 3rd, but to participate in one of about 16 Service Projects that they had setup to participate in over the weekend. From sorting books at a book-collection-drive for a local Elementary school to a “Funday” in the park to celebrate life and meet needs of families, the church participated in these events instead of holding their usual church services!

I love it! What an example to their community. What an opportunity to love outside of the walls of the church. I can’t find any information today on “how things went”, but I know that God was pleased by the sacrifices these folks made last weekend to influence their community and to LOVE LOUD!

More information about the church and their “Go and Be” project can be found at their website – http://www.goandbe.org

Also check out their promotional videos.

Link to the article I read about the church from DallasNews.com

  • Brian

    Don Bayne told me that New Carlisle was going to be doing this same idea. I think his plan was for May as well. Its a great idea!

  • Rita

    Wow, where did this idea come from…? Maybe the NT? Whoa, who would have ever thought? It is about time….

  • Marilyn

    Not sure this is a good idea. Why don’t they work on Saturday (their time) and still leave Sunday for worship (God’s time). I didn’t read the concept, but the idea seems to leave out elderly and small children, who then don’t have the opportunity to worship.