Ella never ceases to amaze us.

3.6.2009 — 4 Comments

Tonight our quick-supper consisted of McDonald’s. Ella was her usual social, adorable self tonight and I was able to capture one of her interesting little twists on an everyday phrase.

Tonight, instead of, “I love you, Daddy!” it was – “I love you Stevan”

Seconds after this video ended it was “I love you Pastor Stevan!”

If you don’t think kids repeat what they hear, you’re WRONG!

  • Sally Sheets

    Well, I don’t know what happened to my other comment yesterday on the first two phone camera videos?

  • Sally Sheets

    Ok, now that I tested this today to see if it would take my comment, i will now add my comment!

  • Mom Garrett/ Mamaw LeeAnn

    Not only is Ella cute, but she is a smart girl!!!!! Just love her to pieces!

  • http://brianandjaye.blogspot.com Brian

    I love you too Pastor Stevan.