Christ-Figures in Movies?

2.19.2009 — 8 Comments

I just read an article this morning that identified 5 Christ-figures in some popular Fantasy/Science-Fiction movies. Read more here.

The article lists Christ-figures in the following movies:
Superman – Superman movies, particularly Superman Returns
Ellen Ripley – Alien 3
Robocop – Robocop
Neo – The Matrix Trilogy
John Connor – The Terminator movies

The article gives great symbolism from each film (I’ve only NOT seen Alien 3) that show some similarities with the characters and Jesus. Whether all of the similarities were intentional or not, is another discussion.

What other movies can we think of (in the comments-section of this post) that have Christ-figures portrayed?

I’ll start with my latest movie-going experience: Gran Torino.

Clint Eastwood’s character, Walt Kowalksi is definitely portrayed as a Christ-figure in the sacrificial-sense. The racial bigotry display is on the opposite spectrum, however.

What other movie-characters serve as modern-day parables of Christ?

  • Jaymie

    alot of people will probably argue with this, but when i was in college there was a lot of talk about leonardo dicaprio’s character being symbolic of Christ in Titanic

  • Shawn French

    Jesus in Passion of the Christ. It was uncanny…

  • John Zaktansky

    The easiest answer to this is Aslan of the Chronicles of Narnia series. A very easy comparison between Aslan and Jesus in the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe movie and I loved the themes of faith in Prince Caspian, where most of the characters think Aslan (Christ) is ignoring them, when he is really testing their faith.

    I’ve also heard people try to say that Luke Skywalker (from the Star Wars movies) is a Christ figure.

  • Jason

    I love Shawns answer the best… I was going to post what John said about Narnia/Aslan.

  • Kathy

    What about Gandolf in “The Lord of The Rings”…But I think these (mine and Aslan) are expected. This is not a movie and the book I don’t think you could make an analogy but the play Wicked… At least I think that there are things in the play that reminds me to not look at the outward appearance but to look at the heart. OK I know that is not a Christ figure but there are many secular movies that can still point you to Christ.

  • Bethany Johnson

    The Guardian!

  • Bill

    How about Mr. Carpenter in the first The Day the Earth Stood Still
    or ET in ET

  • Nate

    Luke in Cool Hand Luke!