2.17.2009 — 3 Comments

After watching the latest podcast and Brad’s interview with Brent Gudgel, I spent some time over at – a new website featuring digital short-films that are some of the most powerful, moving testimonies I’ve seen available.

I love the ministry-philosophy of Brent and Dave (Director and Producer, respectively) that while trying to make money with this project their ultimate goal is to get these “God Stories” into the hands of as many people as possible. Their “pay what you want” feature is proof of their desire to reach as wide an audience as possible.

I have purchased and shown both of their current videos, “Lindsay” and “Robert” to our youth group during my LGLP series over the last few weeks. At $19.99/ea., the videos are comparable to most online short-form illustrative video price-wise, but I dare you to compare the quality. These are by-far some of the best-produced media for the Christian-community out there. I agree with my buddy Brad who says they rival even Nooma’s production-value.

Since investigating Deidox a bit more today I have uncovered some other projects their company has worked on and I have also purchased a DVD-copy of Dear Francis – a documentary they made in 2006 covering the AIDS crisis in Swaziland. I plan to use the film for an upcoming “movie night” in our youth ministry.

Here is a preview-trailer of Deidox’s short-form videos, “Lindsay”, “Robert”, and “Deon”:

Deidox from Chronicle Project on Vimeo.