Ezra Paul Sheets

2.16.2009 — 5 Comments

We had an ultrasound this morning and found out the gender of our next child!

We expect Ezra Paul Sheets to enter this world sometime around June 4th!

Check out Ezra’s latest ultrasound pic on HIS blog – www.ezrasheets.com!

  • http://www.churchmediadesign.tv Brad Zimmerman

    Congratulations, one questions how many sheets domain names do you have? do you plan kids names based on the availability of their domain?

    Just messing with your stevan, so happy for you!

  • http://www.dividingwall.com Glen Robinson

    Got your txt! Congrats! Love the name, and can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

  • http://www.chrisatkinsmusic.com Chris Atkins

    Only Stevan would start up a blog page for his yet to be born son :)

    Love you guys and we are so happy for the good news.

  • http://www.mommyandmyboys.wordpress.com Becky

    Awesome News! Congrats on your little squirt! :) hugs!

  • Great Grandpa Jim Sheets

    Little Feet Following Big Steps
    Great, Great, Great, Great, (Yes, 5 Geberations ago) Grandpa Ezra Made big steps along life’s way. Those steps led from a mission for the homeless in Philadelphia, a print shop publishing gospel tracts, preaching points and planting churches in Southern California, and mission work in Honduras. Those steps made prints in the sands of Grand Cayman and lead to his final resting place in the front yard of a small church he built and pastored at a sea side town of Breakers.
    And now, unborn feet await their task of making footprints. Little Ezra, with a long line of Christian heritage serving as impetus, will also make and leave prints behind. Where will they lead? What burdens will they carry. They will undoubtedly be beautiful, for the scriptures say such feet are beautiful. We surround our “little man” with our love and prayers.