1.21.2009 — 9 Comments

I’m guilty. Guilty of reading Jess’ Women’s Day magazine. Sometimes there’s just nothing else interesting to read in the bathroom magazine rack.

Are you guilty of the same? Not necessarily reading Jess’ Women’s day, but husbands – do you read your wives’ magazines? And wives? Do you read your husbands’?

Why the confession?

I just found this article on the Woman’s Day website: 30 Super Bowl Snacks. I didn’t think I could post it without a full public confession. I now wish I could find 30 people to make those 30-dishes for our Super Bowl party! Any takers?

  • Bev Marsh

    Any specific requests ? No guarantees but I would consider considering it. And don’t just say “oH, Any of them…they all look great ” I want a specific request.

  • Stevan

    The BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA would be an instant-hit with me!

  • Jess

    He’s right, Bev! You would be his new favorite person!;-)

  • Bev Marsh

    Ok, I will give it my best shot. Looks like a winner.

  • Bev Marsh

    Now, never speak of your bathroom habit again…agreed ? Hahahahahahah.

  • Kathy

    I agree with Bev – we do not need that word picturre in our head. And sadly you are there & I am here so no cooking anything for you…no sloppy joes

  • Jeremy McNabb

    “Real Simple” is like MacGyver for Chicks. I love that magazine.

  • Jason

    Dude, you should not read girly magazines. Its not good for you. Its just not right…..

    I do have other weird things… this is not one of them! LOL

  • Jelly

    My wife has People so it is by definition a girly magazine but it is borderline in my opinion…I still read it during the same time frame