Churches canceling services for Super Bowl.

1.13.2009 — 9 Comments

We, like many other churches across our nation will be lifting our service on Sunday Evening, February 1st. We will still be gathering at the church, however, for a Super Bowl party! All my life I remember this being one of those “conversations” that came up each year about whether evening service would be canceled due to the “Big Game”, and my first few years in youth ministry I remember the “danger” of bringing this “conversation” into staff meeting with the question of possibility. I even remember at least one year having to run from our 6PM service immediately over to the Super Bowl party!

I’m thankful that here at Armbrust we’ve already lifted our service and are in the process of planning a great party.

I loved what Newspring in Anderson, SC did to promote their NO PM SERVICE on February 1st –

Super Bowl Promo 2009 from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

One day I will be this creative!

All I created was this 2-D Slide. super-night-2009

So what’s the deal at YOUR church? Is canceling service for the Super Bowl a “taboo” in your area? Is it a no-brainer?

  • Rich (Bro In Law)

    We don’t ever have sunday night service. I happen to believe as my pastor does. Why do you need two services on Sunday? Can’t God tell you everything he needs to in one? Or were you just not listening the first time around?

  • Kathy


  • Jeremy McNabb

    That was hilarious. No apologies or anything. Hey, I found you on the Wesleyan Bloggers’ blog. Didn’t even know you had one. Later…

  • Jess

    Although, we do not have a Sunday evening service and have been a part of churches that cancel or “mask” the service as a super bowl party, I have an issue with the message it sends. Here’s how I see it (and this is just my opinion). When it’s convenient for the church to embrace the “things of this world” we do. However, when it’s not in the best interest of the church, it’s “being in the world, not of it” and we turn our backs. Just a thought.

  • Grandma Sally Sheets (aka-“Mom”)

    My thoughts…The Sabbath day has become so full of CHURCH activities/multiple services, which keeps the day far from a day of REST for us (Paul and me)! I personally most look forward to the time of Worship(!)…and yet others look forward to a time additionally of fellowship also. We are all so individual aren’t we!

    When I look at my Amish neighbors, I am reminded that we may just be hurting ourselves in giving in to the human drive/need to get things and to keep things so full, occupied and busy…rushing, rushing, rushing, doing, going, enjoying, entertaining, always needing more…BUT have we gone into overdrive NOT stopping long enough to see or know that we may be harming our own family by so doing? Always SO busy, keeping occupied till late hours instead of taking time, in quiet after dusk by firelight, with no TV or radio blaring, with the time and intentions to spend a few hours sitting together talking as a family – sharing what is necessary to assure a good family grounding?

    From Momma

  • Bethany Hall

    I agree with your mom, Sundays are not restful, and in our house they are exhausting…I am sure God did not intend for Sundays to be as exhausting as they are…

    Taking time to rest and enjoy a game is a GOOD thing…wish we did it more often:) love you guys!

  • Grandpa Jim

    What ever happened to that dear little boy, sitting in a booth with his grandfather, waiting our orders to be delivered, completely horrified that Rock and Roll Music was playing over the sound system? And now he rejoices that the sacred calf of Sunday night services is being sacrificed on the altar of the Super Bowl Extravaganza. Perhaps the “Halftime Hymns” will offset our bowing at the shrine of NFL Football.
    I’m sorry that I won’t be able to be in church that evening. I will be suffering from a dire malady and won’t be able to go.

  • Mom Garrett/ Mamaw LeeAnn

    I agree that we are too busy these days with things that take away from peace and rest the way God designed it, especially within the family. Resting on the Sabbath can be different for each person. Such as I enjoy a peaceful walk out in nature when the weather permits it on a Sunday afternoon. Those walks always seem to cloud out the business of this world and I hear God in every bird, tree etc…it’s a time of praising my Lord and refreshment for me. Not everyone is like me, but whatever brings you rest in the Lord, with him as your focus, I believe is what God desires for us. I pray especially for Pastors and their families, that they are given rest in the Lord also on the Sabbath. They need rest too.

  • Aunt Judy

    I am wondering just what “malady” my father knows he will be having on the evening of February 1?