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1.1.2009 — Leave a comment

RSS – (“Really Simple Syndication”) is a web-feed format that makes browsing multiple websites easier! I personally “subscribe” to more than 200 RSS-feeds from sites that I used to keep somewhat organized in my Bookmarks Folder. Through RSS I actually receive the updated web-content through my RSS-reader, “Google Reader”.

This has simplified my life in HUGE ways since I started using and RSS-reader a couple of years ago!

If you are NOT using an RSS-reader to stay up-to-date on multiple websites that you frequent, let me encourage you to give it a try! I hated being annoyed by visiting a favorite site only to see that it had NOT yet been updated or to visit a site after 2-weeks of not visiting it only to realize that I had dozens of posts to “catch up” on.

RSS to the rescue.

Consider signing up for Google Reader or Bloglines and start subscribing to your favorite sites’ RSS-feeds! Most sites have this logo somewhere and it usually points directly to their RSS feed. This is the universal logo for RSS. If you use Firefox as your browser, we have this same logo conveniently placed in our SEARCH-bar and it points us to the RSS-feed of the site that we’re currently visiting to make adding it to our subscription-list as simple as possible (another reason I love Firefox MUCH MORE than IE).

To subscribe to the feed here at, I have conveniently placed a large RSS-icon link on the sidebar. Or you could just click here:

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Also, some people may be wary of signing up for yet another web-service to organize their subscriptions to websites. If this is your case, you can also receive e-mail updates to many sites through an e-mail-based RSS subscription service.

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