Interesting sign.

12.15.2008 — 4 Comments

Yesterday after church we made the 3-hour trip East to my parent’s home in Middleburg, PA for their church’s Christmas Program – “An Open Door”. It was a play that I had participated in as a teenager when Mom directed it in South Carolina. Mom has actually directed it at each church they’ve ministered in!

It was a quick visit, but worth the trip! We headed home this afternoon and took our time. We stopped for some quick shopping and to take a picture of a church sign that I saw on the way TO Mom and Dad’s:

From 12.15.08 – Closed for the Season

From 12.15.08 – Closed for the Season

  • Aunt Judy

    Check out the one that is near us. It’s on my blog.

  • Shawn

    They don’t want to offend all those “Happy Holidays” people…

  • Jason

    I want that church’s definition of “season”!

    Sure makes ya wonder….

  • Rich (Bro In Law)

    I think all churches should be closed for the season. Maybe if more Christians were out spending the hollidays with firends and family there wouldn’t be so many pews empty on sundays.