God is in control.

12.11.2008 — 1 Comment

Take a moment right now and re-realize some things.

#1. Where you are, right now, God knew that exact location before you were born.
#2. What you are doing, right now, God knew what you’d be doing before you were born.
#3. Who you are, right now, God knew who you’d be before you were born.

Those three – where, what, and who have been on my mind this evening. I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing that I have once-again given my Heavenly Father complete control over those three areas.

What part of one (or more) of those areas are you holding back on today?

Give it up. It’s not worth holding onto yourself.

  • cousin Kenny

    dude… right on… right on with whats going on in my life right now… you’re awesome man.