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12.8.2008 — 1 Comment

My buddy Glen Robinson talked me into joining the other week and I quickly transferred my Shelfari library to the much-more-developed and useful LibraryThing website.

Tonight I spent about an hour with my just-arrived-in-the-mail CueCat USB barcode scanner downstairs with Jess’ books and put in 3-shelves worth of books into our library. The USB-scanner has made life MUCH easier. Only the last 100-or-so books have been put into the library via this method. Before today I would type each book’s individual ISBN # into the search-field and look it up.

I love the idea of cataloging every book we own on this online database for a few reasons:
#1. We can access the catalog from anywhere we have Internet access.
#2. Friends/Family/Strangers can see the books we own – could be beneficial if they want to buy for or borrow from us!
#3. Depending on how much effort I want to put into the resource, I can tag a book as “reading” and let others know what books I’m reading. The same goes for tagging books as “wishlist“!
#4. Cataloging every book I own allows the wonders of LibraryThing to sort them for me (either by “tags” that I can set or by Mr. Dewey’s Decimal system) so that I can then re-sort my shelves in any particular order I wish!
#5. LibraryThing also allows me to read others’ reviews of books I own or am looking to own.
#6. LibraryThing also allows you to input your other-media into the database (DVDs, Music, etc.)

A lifetime membership to LibraryThing cost us a whopping $25. This membership allows unlimited book entries and unlimited use of the site.

Before leaving Wisconsin, I successfully helped our Our Savior’s Wesleyan get on the LibraryThing bandwagon and they have now archived EVERY resource in the church library there! (

I will be doing my best to suggest LibraryThing to those around me to get THEIR libraries updated and on the web!


  • Sher Sheets

    ALL I want for Christmas… i’m not even kidding… forget the goat for the family in Africa…. I want this!