Breaking News: I’m gonna be a daddy, again!

12.2.2008 — 15 Comments

Today we confirmed that Jess is ‘about’ 13-weeks pregnant!

We were privileged to hear the baby’s heartbeat and meet a great new doctor and nurses that will become ‘friends’ through this process!

Ella is excited about becoming a sister and is leaning more towards a baby sister per her consistent answers.

Thanks, in advance, for your prayers!

  • Jaymie

    hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe ella will get both… you guys want twins, right???

  • Grandma Sally Sheets (aka-“Mom”)

    I sure do Jamie, don’t you (of course – for them)!! Yes, and I am going to get to have (at least) another precious grandchild! Ella will make a great older sister!! She may prove to be a shining example!

    So happy and excited for you and for us and the Garretts!

    Love you all much,
    Momma Sally

  • Melissa

    Congratulations, you guys! Best wishes!

  • Aunt Bea

    So cool! We celebrate with you. Love, Aunt Bea and Uncle David


    Yeahhhhhh!!!Hip Hip Hurray! Very excited to becoming a grandma again! And yes Ella will be a fantastic big sis.

    Love you all four,
    Mom/Mamaw LeeAnn

  • Cousin Brittany

    Twins…they run in the family!! TRUST ME! I have a set.

  • Kathy

    CONGRATS! I was just wondering when Ella would be a sister.

  • Rudy Lindmair

    Congratulations! When is the next Sheet expected?

  • Kory

    and thus begins the second-child syndrome … congrats my friends!

  • Chris Atkins

    Congratulations my friend!

  • Sher Sheets

    just dont give ella a paint ball gun – or a rubber band gun – or a bb gun…..

  • Jess

    Why do you get 11 comments and I only get 5 on my blog!

  • Derek

    make it 12 or 13 after your comment jess! Much love to you guy’s! Congrats!!

  • Jess

    I knew someone would point that out, Derek!;-)

  • Allison Davis

    boys are fun too! :)