GREAT Thanksgiving!

11.29.2008 — 3 Comments

From 11.27-29.08 – Thanksgiving With Sheets-Grands

We returned home just after Noon today from a couple days at my parents’ home in Middleburg, PA.

We had a blast.

Food, family, and fun. Not necessarily in that order!

The highlights:

  • 4-wheeling up Jack’s Mountain with my Dad.
  • Sharing Thanksgiving dinner with a couple from Mom & Dad’s church.
  • Surfing the web on dial-up to learn how to fold napkins interestingly. (link to the finished product)
  • Sleeping in a basement where the temperature averaged 56-degrees!
  • Finished reading “Do the Right Thing” by Mike Huckabee.
  • Ate a genuine PA Hoagie.
  • Shopped at “Wenger’s Discount Grocery” and left with a cart-full for only $23!
  • Making the trip there in 3 hours and 1-minute.
  • Making the trip home in 2 hours and 58-minutes.
  • Being impressed with Dad’s “homeless” beard!
  • Eating incredible food on Thanksgiving day.
  • Ella being adorable, as usual. (except for maybe the Christmas Cactus incident!)
    • Grandma Sally Sheets (aka-“Mom”)

      UMMMM, just for the record and so NOT to scare others from coming to visit and stay over night…the 56 temp in the basement bedroom was THEIR choice (well, Stev’s – he is like his Dad), there is heat down there and even extra heat from wall heating units that can be turned ON! They (Stev) chose to NOT turn it ON)!

      Oh yes, the cactus incident…Ella was VERY QUIET while PaPaw was in charge early Thanksgiving morning, so Gramma could get her shower, and he went to investigate, When I returned from my shower he held out his closed hand to me, opened it to show me three of my JUST FORMING BABY BUDS on my WONDERFUL, LARGE, SPECIAL, Christmas Cactus that I have had to remind Ella each visit that it can be enjoyed by LOOKING at it, but NOT to be touched! When I saw the tiny detached immature buds, I GASPED…Ella instantly began to cry! I quickly told her that it was painful to Gramma to see them detached and that I would not want to see her touching that cactus again! She did NOT touch it another time (that I know)!

      She is a tender child and so precious! This time she was more testing than she has been before (her Daddy says it must be the two terribles)! She is a normal investigating child with varied interests!

      We get to have Ella next weekend again! Cactus will be having many more tiny buds by then and some will be first open!

    • Aaron

      LOL. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. At first glance, I thought the highlights was:

      “Ate a GUINEA PIG!”

      Wow. :)

    • Jess

      I’m not just trying to defend my child, but thought I’d share some insight: Ella isn’t surrounded by plants inside at our house. They’re only outside so I think she just forgets each time. They’re also on the floor so all of you mom’s of two-year-olds know how BIG of a temptation that is. At least it only happened once! :-) I think she was only “trying” because we were there and she knew there were more rules to abide by than usual (Grandma’s and Mommy’s). I remember Jaymie and I always behaving perfectly when mom and dad weren’t there! Well, of course, I was always perfect, wasn’t I Jay? JK!