Why don’t more people use Skype?

11.25.2008 — 4 Comments

Had a quick conversation this morning with Scott Troyer via Skype. He was calling from his iPhone and a new Skype-app that he installed to make free calls to others with Skype from his WiFi-enabled phone! Cool, right?

During our conversation we both exclaimed that we wish MORE people were on Skype. More people we knew, that is. Skype currently tells me that there are over 14-million people CURRENTLY online, but my “contact list” only shows a minimal 7-friends. 7 of 14-million is not a very good ratio.

If you have yet to investigate all that Skype has to offer, know this:

We use Skype as our home-phone at home. It’s the cheap-alternative to any other VOIP phone service (think “Vonage”, etc.). We bought an adapter that allows us to connect our regular telephone up to the computer and make and receive calls directly from our two wireless handsets through our Skype-Out service. We also receive calls to our home number the same way.

Skype on your home computer also allows for video-conferencing or video-chatting. I talk maybe once every other week with a fellow youth pastor in another state face-to-face FOR FREE with Skype! A simple webcam on both computers allows us to actually look at each other during a conversation. We keep Ella in conversation face-to-face with her Garrett Grandparents in Indiana via Skype quite often (not as often as we should), too!

If you’re willing to give Skype a try, I’m willing to say at least “hello” to you! (I can’t promise much more as I am busy with numerous other things, too!)

Download and Skype for your computer and operating system at www.skype.com. Add “navets” to your contacts and give me a call! You’ll be a fan in no-time!

  • http://ourlittlescrapbook.blogspot.com Deanna

    We LOVE Skype!!! I can’t imagine living 8 hours away from grandmas and grandpas without it!!! I have to say that I REALLY disliked it for everyday, home phone usage, but for online video talks…. LOVE IT! :)

  • http://www.newlifewc.com Allen Wright

    I am a magic jack guy, it has worked good for us. HOpe you get the snow I know you want. Allen

  • http://kensrobin.blogspot.com Robin

    We have Skype. Are we on your contact list? If not, let’s get connected!

  • http://scotttroyer.com Scott

    Indeed! I need more contacts as well. If you know (or perhaps even if you don’t) you can find me on Skype as ‘scotttroyer’. No spammers please.