I Present To You: An Interview with Supergirl

11.17.2008 — 6 Comments

Ella is back home after a weekend with her Sheets-Grands. Tonight she put on her Supergirl cape and ran flew around the house like any good Supergirl would. She did settle down enough to have an interview with her Daddy, though:

Interview with Supergirl from navets on Vimeo.

  • http://jasonknepp.wordpress.com Jason

    That is great. She is so cute its crazy!

  • http://korypence.com Kory

    Where are the credits for super-reporter and super-cameraman? And don’t forget super-grip and super-translator and super-video technician…nice investigative reporting!

  • http://ourlittlescrapbook.blogspot.com Deanna

    So, so cute! Wow, our babies are growing up quickly, aren’t they?!

  • http://mommyandmyboys.com BFrench


  • Great Aunt Jean

    Love this ‘Supergirl’
    Keep rolling that camera !

  • Mom Garrett/ Mamaw LeeAnn

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s SUPER ELLA!!!!!!!!!

    Hard to believe that she is only 2 1/2 years old (plus a month). She acted like a pro being interviewed.

    Love that cutie pie!