Free iPod Touch, iPhone, Xbox 360, cash and more: How to get it all for free!

11.13.2008 — 8 Comments

Okay, I’m in

My web-buddy Tim Schmoyer is the proud owner of TWO iPod touches, an XBOX 360 Elite, and thousands of dollars that he got FOR FREE.

He just posted again over at about how he got these incredible items with a minimal investment. (he has invested only about $100 of his own money to receive ALL of the items he has already received.)

What hooked me was that he just turned in his referrals for his wife’s BRAND NEW MacBook today. I just HAVE to try my hand at this and see what the possibilities could be for me and MY family!

He has a LOT more active readers to his blog, so I know I won’t get completed referrals as soon as he did, but with the research he has done and the proof he has offered on his site time and time again, I feel like this is something I want to try out for myself. I’m going to document everything as I go, so let’s see where this takes us!

I signed up yesterday on the site with simply an e-mail a password to login. I got my confirmation e-mail nearly instantly and I browsed through the offers (each referral – including me – has to complete a few trial offers to qualify for the FREE gift offer)

11.13.2008 – Signed up for the 1-month Blockbuster Online Trial ($9.99) [this offer completes 50% of my needed offers]
– I was immediately credited with my 50% offers status, which means I only need to fulfill another 50% and get enough referrals to receive my FREE iPod!
– immediately signed up to get Iron Man, Hulk, and Indiana Jones – three movies we haven’t seen yet! They go in the mail tomorrow!

Want in, too? Click here and sign up as a referral of mine!

  • Shawn French

    So that is what a pyramid looks like!

    • FreebieMachine

      You only need to get 1 level from a couple of friends. You do not get anything further if those 1 level referrals get referrals of their own. Perfectly legit system!

  • Aaron

    Tim’s story is too convincing. I signed up under you and completed my 2 offers. :)

    You’re welcome!

    Now to replace my iPod Touch (bad washing machine incident)

    Fingers crossed.

  • Glen Robinson

    Is this a pyramid scheme? Be careful.

  • Stevan

    Hey Frenchie and Glen – thanks for your concern. I’m also selling Amway if you’re interested!

    Seriously though… This is legit as far as I can tell so far. I’ll keep you posted. If you’ll click on Tim’s blog post and read his explanations of things as I have been for the last couple of years, maybe you’ll see something that makes you a bit more at ease.

  • Ebbs

    Big news. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can join the kingdom of Mac users preparing for global domination!

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Dude, once you get your free item, you will be sold and all the rest of the free stuff comes in like crazy. Hope you get your iPod Touch soon!

    @Shawn and Glen: No, it’s not a pyramid. It’s only 2-levels deep. Stevan signed up under me, but if you sign up under him it has absolutely no benefit to me whatsoever. The referral links is there ONLY so Bonus Network knows who to thank and reward for sending people to their advertisers.

    And yes, it is completely legal. It’s just a way for advertisers to get potential customers to try out their products and services. I know everyone thinks, “Oh no, a scam!” when they hear it, but I promise you it’s not…. And soon Stevan will also have proof to show you that it’s not. :-)

  • Shawn French

    Two levels deep? So it’s a MAYAN pyramid!