Sad goodbyes to Grand-Garretts

11.10.2008 — 2 Comments

From 11.10.08 – Saying Goodbye to Grand-Garretts

Mom and Dad Garrett made the 6-hour trip from Bluffton, IN to New Stanton, PA on Friday to visit their granddaughter daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.

We had a blast hosting them here in our new home, showing them some of our area and even worshiping with them at church on Sunday.

It was a great visit and made it difficult to say goodbye this morning. Ella kept hoping to see them every time she thought about them all afternoon and evening. We had to keep telling her that they had to go home and go to work. She wasn’t buying it.

Thanks Mom & Dad Garrett for coming East to visit us! Come back again soon!

More pictures here.

  • Scotts Aunt Jean

    Thanks for the pix. Love seeing that cute little girl. Keep them coming.

    Great-Aunt Jean

  • Mom Garrett/ Mamaw LeeAnn

    Ahhhhh-love the pictures of our cutie pie Ella. She makes the other two look better in pictures!!! Thank you Ella!

    Thank you Jessica and Stevan for putting us up in your new and beautiful new home over the weekend. We loved spending time with you and only wish the time hadn’t gone so fast. We feel so much better now knowing exactly where you live and how to get there. PA is beautiful, but it would take me some practice in driving as fast as you do Stevan, around those hills and curves!!! he he….It was great getting to meet your new church family and see the church.

    We love you all three very much.

    Mom Garrett / Mamaw