Google’s LIVE Presidential Race Results

11.4.2008 — 4 Comments

This is a pretty big day. I’m glad God knows what’s going to happen!

  • Aunt Judy

    I certainly hope that with all the chaos of the recent move that you and Jess remembered to register in your new town! Or did you have to do an absentee from WI?

  • Eric

    Google made a $701,099 contribution to Barack Obama’s campaign. I’m finding another search engine.

  • Cousin Brittany

    Hattie and Draven had a ‘mock’ election today in kindergarten..where they could vote for Mr P or Mrs A. I asked if they were ready to vote and who they would be voting for and Draven said John McCain and Hattie told me Sarah Palin!!

  • Cousin Brittany

    Also I thought you guys would find this cute…Draven came home last Wednesday and told me Barack Obama rocks, Mom! I love him..I asked Draven where he had heard about Mr Obama at and he said school. Well Sunday afternoon, he said ‘Mom who are you going to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama?”, I said ‘Well Draven who would you vote for if you were me?”…He replied ‘John McCain because Pa (Grandpa Tom) loves him!!” :) Arent kids so darn cute??