10.23.2008 — 3 Comments

I read on Twitter today about a new video-conference software called “ooVoo” and decided to check it out.

I had a great little video-chat this afternoon with my buddy Eric Ebbinghaus and we were both impressed with the ease of use and quality of chat we were able to have. We even used our free 5-minutes of “land-line-talk-time” to call our wives from within the program and include them in on the fun for a few minutes!

I see ooVoo seriously aiding me in staying in contact with not only friends from across the country, but also contacts here in PA that I may need to meet with on occasion and save a trip by vehicle!

The software allows up-to 6 simultaneous parties to participate in video/audio chat similar to that of Mac’s iChat and other familiar platforms. The bonus is a cross-platform design that allowed me to chat today with Eric, an avid Mac-user from my PC laptop!

If you’re curious, check out my link below and if you find me online and I’m available, give me a ring to try it for yourself!

  • Kathy

    OK so I am trying to wait but like so many other people – when are you going to post pics of the new house?

  • Kathy

    What a cute house! Are you renting?

  • Mom Garrett/Mamaw LeeAnn

    Wow! What a pretty house you have.