Lack of updates = we’re moving!

10.9.2008 — 2 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates! We’re currently in Bluffton, IN after the first-leg of our trip East.

We had incredible help these last few days including two of my ‘brothers’ from Warsaw – Shawn French and Jason Knepp who took vacation-time and came to Mukwonago as a surprise to me (Jess knew they were coming) to help me with packing the truck! I could not have done it without their help. My Mukwonago-brother, Jake Storment was my right-hand-man the whole time, too, and without his help I’d still be packing up something in the closet, probably!

Thanks to ALL who helped us these last few days and weeks!

We arrive in New Stanton on Friday evening and begin unloading early Saturday morning!

Stay tuned!

  • Kathy

    Did you get my message that I left on your cell>?

  • Shawn French

    You forgot to mention the part about you crying…