Rev. Billy Graham turns 90 on Nov. 7th

10.3.2008 — 19 Comments

I made a personal commitment to Christ as a 9-year-old at the 1988 Rochester, NY Crusade.

I will find time to send a note to Rev. Graham over at

  • Brian

    Yo, I answered your questions :) How are things going for your family? I saw the big long list of “stop bys” on your way to PA. If you’re ever in Marion I’d love to take ya out for lunch. Any time.

  • Mom Garrett/Mamaw LeeAnn


    Thank you for mentioning Billy Graham’s birthday. I too, gave my life to Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade at age 12. I also listened to his radio show each night before going to sleep as a young teen. He and his ministry were dear to me then and it still is. I also will be sending him a thank you for his birthday.

  • Kevin Beers


    Last friday I had the opportunity to have lunch with Gabe Lyons, co-author of unChristian and founder of Catalyst. He mentioned that last weekend He had a chance to meet Billy Graham at his home. He mentioned that it was an honor to sit and chat with him. Rev. Graham went on to say that the spirit is moving in a different way than when he was doing major crusades in the 80-90’s. Today the Spirit is moving like never before in personal relationships, one on one, rather than in stadiums. Was a great lunch and a great night with FEE up here in the Buffalo area.

  • Jason

    how long are going to go before you update your blog? What could you possibly be doing that is so important????


  • Chris Atkins

    He’s moving, and is completely internet-less.
    Stay tuned for any further developments in the Sheets Saga.

  • vincent cormier

    Pastor, you have made a impact on this earth for JESUS CHRIST like no other person ever has.You not only help bring me to CHRIST, but you made me fall in LOVE with him. You have LIVED the walk in every thing you have ever peached.God got a bargin when he made you.I would LOVE to be there when you appear before CHRIST. What rejoiceing that will be. you are VERY much loved here on earth,and also in heaven… God will be with you on your LAST transition from this earth to heaven…. We love you, Vincent

  • Becky

    i keep forgetting to tell you that am glad you blogged about this. i sent him a b-day note. my grama used to tell me stories of how she and my grampa would go to winona lake and listen to him speak. did you know winona is where he started out? yep! he’s referenced it in his book once or twice. pretty cool, huh?

  • DeAnn Pennell

    Our Dearest Reverand Graham Sir,First let us say how much we love and respect you,you have shown by example God’s love to billions.We hope you have the most blessed birthday this year.We feel that God sure did bless our world with you ninety years ago.Blessed is the Lord.With all of our love.THE WORLD

  • DeAnn Pennell

    Our Dearest Reverand Graham Sir,We love and respect you,you have brought billions of souls to the Father through your show of example of God’s love and his grace.God blessed us when he gave us you.Happy Birthday Sir!With so much love from us all over the world.

  • Don Spradling

    Congratulations on this historic milestone.
    My life was forever changed in one of your School’s of Evangelism, in Oakland
    Your are an Apostle of the modern times
    and we are all fortunate we walked in
    your time.
    Don Spradling,Sr. Pastor

  • Linda Hill

    Dear Pastor Graham,
    I grew up watching you. I can remember watching you in black and white then in color.Everytime you where on My mom and dad would watch you. They would sing with your chior and your singers THey loved George Shea. You are an awesome minister. I also remember the first movie you made the Cross and the Switchblade. That was a movie that really effected me. IT was an awesome movie. GOD has blesssed you with a Long and good life. YOU are a true man of GOD .GOD be with you and walk with you daily. Thank you for the memories and for serving GOD for so many years.

    Linda Hill

  • Goldeen Bohannon Dixie

    Dear Mr. Graham,

    My mother would have been 89 this past October 8th. She passed six years ago by choice due to deteriorating health problems. I am now 60 years old the youngest of seven siblings one of which is deceased. Our mother has watched you ever since I can remember from the early 50’s I believe. We got our first black and white TV around 1952.

    We knew with no questions asked whenever there was a Billy Graham program airing on TV a certain night or day, that’s what we would be watching with our mother. Just wanted to let you know I grew up listening to you and you made an impact on our lives. May God continue to bless you as you have blessed us and many others all these precious years of your life. I can’t wait to see your movie. With much respect and love to you and your family.

    Goldeen B. Dixie
    Spring, Texas

  • George Crenshaw

    Thank you so much for being part of my Christan life, God bless You
    George & Hilda

  • Carol Ashman

    Dear Pastor Graham,

    My mom was on your original “team” and always spoke so highly of you. My mom was a wonderful woman of God and inspired me to also give my life to Him. My father was a pastor who also watched all your television broadcasts and attended any of your crusades that were near. I remember watching your TV broadcasts when I was young in my house, and now I watch them as I’m “older” in another house. You have blessed so many people and led so many people to the Lord. I know you don’t want the praise, because you always give the praise to the Lord. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  • Gen Hamann

    Reverend Graham,
    I had the privilege to attend two of your crusades in Minneapolis, many years ago. I listen to you on the radio every time I can. Thank you for everything you done to bring people to our Lord. God bless youl

  • Debi Hall

    Happy Birthday #90 Billy Graham. Thank you for all the literature you sent to my grandson over the last 3 years for his prayer basket ministry. You have been a true inspiration to my and my family..


  • Bobbie oggs

    Happy Birthday pastor Graham may God richly, richly bless you. I have been blessed over the years from watching you on television and on Benny Hinn programs,and reading books.I trust this will be your birthday ever. You are blessed of the Lord.

  • Bobbie oggs

    Happy Birthday pastor Graham, may God richly, richly bless you. I have been blessed over the years from watching you on television , on Benny Hinn programs,and reading books.I trust this will be your best birthday ever.Psalm103*1 Bless the Lord O my soul;and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
    Thank you for being a good servant for the Lord

  • Doreen Osbourne

    Happy Birthday Dr Gragam.When I was about 20 years old. I am now 71. You and Grady Wilson had an evangelistic meeting in Barbados and I Went forward that night.My life has never been the same again.Thank you and God’s blessings to you and yours.