MOVIE REVIEW: Fireproof (PG)

9.29.2008 — 1 Comment

Jess and I were able to go on a double-date with Eric and Jennifer Parsons on Saturday to see the newly-released-in-theaters “Fireproof” starring Kirk Cameron and directed by Alex Kendrick – the guy behind “Facing the Giants” and “Flywheel” (still haven’t seen that one). He’s on staff at Sherwood Baptist Church – the church behind these three movies.

I walked into the theater not expecting much. I was impressed with Kendrick’s “Facing the Giants”, though it oozed “perfect Christian plot”. I was expecting much of the same but willed to watch “Fireproof” to support it on its opening weekend.

The first 15-minutes or so of the film were exactly what I expected: b-listed actors doing their best to act as distraught marriage partners.

I got over my “perfect movie expectations” and willed myself to enjoy the movie for what it was.

Then my emotions took over.

The movie had a plot that wasn’t “standard” and actually caught me off-guard in places. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented in simple real-life way and I even managed to get over the b-list acting to enjoy the movie entirely and joined the crowd in our darkened theater to clapped in applause as the final credits rolled.

I definitely recommend “Fireproof” to any married couple and to any person who plans on being married!

The movie makes a clear statement that Jesus, at the center of a relationship, is the unifying entity that makes weathering life’s storms possible.

  • movie fan

    I just got back from watching Fireproof… it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen