MOVIE REVIEW: I Am Legend (PG-13)

9.22.2008 — 3 Comments

I am SO thankful that everyone that told me that they had seen “I Am Legend” heeded my warning to NOT share with me much about the movie to reveal too much of the plot. The fact that I didn’t know exactly what the movie was about made watching it late last night so much more worth it!

My only disappointment was that the “zombies” looked VERY modeled-after the I-Robot robots – so I couldn’t take them very seriously.

Will Smith once again performs at his best as a lone-hero.

I loved the story-line and trying to figure out “what happens next” wasn’t nearly as easy as it usually is in other similar plots.

Jess and I both remarked afterward that the movie has numerous M. Night Shyamalan “moments” throughout and some scenes could’ve been taken directly from his “idea journal” we thought.

I would definitely recommend watching this movie with your wife sometime between 10:30PM and 12:30AM (like we did) and quickly turning off the lights afterward and hiding around the corner of various pieces of furniture, making a snarling noise, and therefore scaring the liver out of your spouse!

  • Jess

    I knew you were there, yet somehow a white blanket emerging from behind the couch and then flying through the air and landing in my face (all in.25 seconds) really freaked me out.

  • Jason

    Jess, that is VERY funny.

    I thought this movie was awesome. I saw it in the the theatre… there was somebody in the movie with a small kid (under 7 I would guess)…. they should get parent of the year! LOL. People always amaze me.

  • Manda

    Stevan you are so mean!!!! Jess should get the “Wife of The Year” award after all you put her through.