Happy 105th, Harley Davidson

8.29.2008 — 4 Comments

This afternoon Gerry, his daughter Allison, and I enjoyed walking around Hal’s Harley Davidson in New Berlin, WI during the 105th Anniversary celebration of Harley Davidson. I saw more motorcycles today in one place than in my entire life, I’m sure. It was incredible.

I was reminded of a few things today as I wandered the grounds taking in the sights, smells, and sounds:
1. I live a sheltered life.
2. I don’t resemble a biker at all.
3. I can’t afford a motorcycle.
4. I enjoy my sheltered life!

Some pics from the experience:

Full photoset here.

  • Momma Sweeny

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these…wish I could of been there with today!! I do love their sound.

  • Eric

    I almost had one this summer. I “look like a biker” right?

  • Cousin Britt

    My mom has her own harley…its pretty cool.

  • Beverly

    I am Bea’s sister. I have been visiting your blog site for a long time but you have blogged about one of my favorite things now, Harley Davidson. My husband and I own a Road King. We sure don’t look like bikers but we are. The secret is most of the bikers you saw are just like you and me inside and out, doctors, lawyers, farmers, policeman and Christians like you and I. We love to ride and witness to our fellow bikers and the people we meet in our travels.