Ella loves the trampoline!

8.23.2008 — 3 Comments

08.23.08 – Ella on the Trampoline from navets on Vimeo.

  • Grandma Sally Sheets (aka-“Mom”)

    I have NO IDEA but I was able to view this one after half the afternoon of trying unsuccessfully!! YEAH! Now, I am SO THANKFUL that you alerted us to the INVISIBLE BARRIER that is around that trampoline, I finally was able to breathe, from holding my breath!!!! What a trusting set of three people!!

    I love seeing her!!! She is so full of life!!! ADORABLE!!!!!

    I still do NOT like trampolines! When you have a friend of yours at the age of thirteen to die from a trampoline fall you don’t think they are ever safe or safe enough!!

    I do love my Ella Bella girl! I love seeing her enjoy her experiences!



  • Mom Garrett/Mamaw LeeAnn

    Adorable! My goodness how quickly Ella is growing up. It seems that everyday she is doing more new things all by herself. I just love hearing her talk and sing. What a sweetie pie!

    Love you all three,
    Mom/Mamaw Lee Ann

  • http://www.jessicasheets.com Jess

    Mom Sheets, I am also one who keeps a close eye on Ella while on the trampoline because I fell off one and broke my leg when I was seventeen! There is plenty of healthy fear in me to watch her like a hawk when she is on there!