8.20.2008 — 3 Comments recently polled their readers to investigate who and what is “the modern man.” I read about the survey and results over at the ChurchRelevance Blog.

The survey-site is NOT a church-related site, so I like that the results are “un-biased” and we can get a clearer-picture of what the opinions outside the church are today. I would assume that many of these results would be similar inside the church, too, though.

What makes a man a manly man in 2008?

  • 52% say, “Being a good father and/or husband who takes care of his family.”
  • 19% say, “Being a leader and motivator.”
  • 16% say, “Having many skills, like the ability to fix things.”
  • 7% say, “Being charismatic and popular.”
  • 4% say, “Being a great seducer and/or lover.”
  • 2% say, “Being wealthy.”
  • Have rumors of a recession affected your spending habits?

  • 47% say, “No, I’m still spending the way I always have.”
  • 40% say, “Yes, I’ve tightened up my budget to meet increasing prices.”
  • 13% say, “Yes, I’ve tightened up my budget to put emergency money aside.”
  • Do you believe in marriage?

  • 70% say, “Yes, I believe it is a necessary institution, and one that I will participate in to help preserve.”
  • 20% say, “No, I don’t believe in it strongly but I’ll probably end up getting married anyway.”
  • 6% say, “Yes, I believe in it as an institution, but it’s not for me.”
  • 4% say, “No, I think it’s a dead institution.”
  • Should a couple live together before marriage?

  • 60% say, “Yes, it is a good test to put the relationship through before marriage.”
  • 21% say, “Yes, living together is pretty casual.”
  • 10% say, “No, a man should enjoy his freedom while he can.”
  • 9% say, “No, it is not morally acceptable.”
  • If there was no chance your partner would find out, would you cheat on her?

  • 37% say, “No, I might be tempted, but I love and respect her too much.”
  • 32% say, “No, I might be tempted, but cheating violates my morals.”
  • 15% say, “Yes, but I would feel guilty nonetheless.”
  • 13% say, “Yes, she can’t be hurt if she doesn’t know about it.”
  • 3% say, “Yes, I already cheated on her.”
  • How old were you when you lost your virginity? (67% as a teenager)

  • 2% at 12 or younger
  • 2% at 13 (7th/8th grade)
  • 4% at 14 (8th/9th grade)
  • 7% at 15 (11th/10th grade)
  • 13% at 16 (10th/11th grade)
  • 15% at 17 (11th/12th grade)
  • 15% at 18 (12th grade)
  • 9% at 19
  • Some Other Interesting Stats

  • 69% are concerned about the effects of global warming.
  • 66% say a man should never stop playing video games.
  • 55% of men don’t play fantasy football.
  • 24% consume 0 alcoholic drinks each week.
  • 13% never send text messages.
    • Phil

      66% say a man should never stop playing video games.

      How true is that…lol

    • Aaron Kipfer

      60% say you should LIVE together!?! Wow.

    • Rich (Bro In Law)

      “78% of all men polled say that Rich Haltmakes them feel innadequate as a man.” Hey, I’m not bragging, its a statistic.