8.10.2008 — 7 Comments

Jess borrowed a few videos from the library the other day and tonight we got around to watching Deja Vu to take a break from watching the Olympics all afternoon.

Wow. Loved it.

I nearly lost interest halfway through when the plot took a left turn and revealed what the movie was really all about, but instead of giving up I decided to accept the entertainment value of this science fiction craziness and enjoyed the remainder of the movie!

Jess and I were both trying to figure out why more people didn’t talk about this film when it came out originally. We’d recommend it to anyone who has taken a nap before watching – to be sure that their mind was clear enough to follow the craziness of the plot as it twists and turns. Don’t try and prove the movie wrong – it’s a movie.

Viewers should know that there was one “Titanic-esque” shaded-surveillance-nudity that made its way into the movie, too.

  • Kathy

    Have you seen Mama Mia yet? I know it is not a movie you might like but one I think Jess might like.

  • Stevan

    Mama Mia?! No way Jose!

    Actually, I’m not sure Jess even knows much about it! I’m sure you’ll take care of that now that I’ve made it public! :)

  • Kathy

    Maybe you are are too young to enjoy such classic music! I would listen to it all day at work if I could!

  • Jess

    Oh, I know I would love it! I did have to sing Opera in college, ya know. I appreciate all classically trained singers and am amazed at their abilities. I do need to research it more, I think! Thanks, Kathy!

  • Jess

    I just saw the trailer–I guess classic to you doesn’t mean Opera, Ha! Okay, I still want to see it—Hello, Colin Firth is in it–only the best Mr. Darcy to ever grace the screen!

  • Kathy

    Oh my gosh I just have to agree! I love my Collin! He sings pretty good too! Way better than Pierce Brosnan! And yes, classic means something way different to me! The music is addictive – not in a bad way though. I bet Ella would like it – it is great dance music. Not that I would take her to it though.

  • Kathy

    Jess I must also tell you that at the end of the movie – I never saw it coming – there is a scene where our wonderful Mr. Darcy is portrayed as a gay man. It was quick and I couldn’t watch. I covered my face.

    I had to let you know…