Final South Carolina Update.

12.28.2004 — Leave a comment

Wow, today was a full-day!

This morning we woke up at 7AM and headed to breakfast with Dad at 9. Mom was still feeling pretty bad this morning.

We headed to a breakfast buffet that was closed, so we drove to the “other” breakfast buffet in town and it, too was closed.

We settled for Denny’s. It was great!

After Denny’s it was back to the homestead to relax for a bit before leaving for Downtown Greenville. We arrived downtown and quickly found the West End Spa and found a place to park in the historic downtown area. Jess and I walked down the street a ways and found a coffee shop and grabbed some drinks. We sat for a bit and when it was time, headed back to the Spa.

I left Jess at 2PM and walked right back towards that coffee shop because in between the coffee shop and the Spa was an ARMY NAVY SURPLUS store – every guys FAVORITE store to “shop” in.

I bought nothing.

I saw TONS of interesting, MUST HAVE items, but bought nothing.

That’s called discipline!

Afterwards, I jumped in the car and headed to Audio Solutions, USA – an audio/video supply company that my buddy John Radford works for. I spent the next 2+ hours chatting and hanging with John and the other guys at the company! It was a great reunion for sure. I don’t think I had seen John in almost 2 years!

It was time to pick Jess up just after 5, so I arrived at the Spa and met my now GLOWING wife. She was puddy in my arms.

She went on and on about how awesome the spa was and how I was the greatest man in the world. More about the first thing than the second, however…

On the way back to Spartanburg, we stopped and met the OTHER Radford brother – James and his parents – a family that I was VERY close to while growing up in the Chesnee/Mayo area. James is now a Youth Pastor at the Missionary Wesleyan Church in North Carolina – about 15 miles from his house.

We took a quick trip up to his church to see the place and see atleast WHERE James’ ministry takes place. It was just great. It’s awesome to think that this guy – who I grew up with has felt the same call upon his life to enter into full-time Christian ministry. It’s even cooler to think that his Senior Pastor is our former Youth Pastor!

Wow. God sure does work!

We dropped him off back at his home and came home for some oyster stew and homemade pizzas. Dad was tonight’s chef – he did a great job.

We finished our meal and spent some great time just chatting. Dad eventually brought out his sleep apnea machine. I tried it on! I looked kinda like this.

Just plain weird.

We’re planning on hitting the road tomorrow morning after we pack everything up and make a couple stops. We’ll make it as far as Richmond, KY tomorrow night where we have reserved a room at the Holiday Inn!